Machines for trade businesses

Even today, the trade of a baker involves a great deal of manual labour. The goal behind the machines we produce at Rego Herlitzius GmbH is to enable you to focus on what is essential to you by streamlining your work flow and helping you cut cost in the process.

Boasting 100 years of experience and offering innovative technological solutions, we can offer you comprehensive advice that is tailored to your requirements. We support you every step of the way: whether you require automated cookers and planetary, beating and kneading machines for cream and dough production or bread slicers and useful accessories.

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Accessories and spare parts

Every one of our machines comes with extensive standard equipment. We can supply you from stock with beating whisks, graters, food mills, flat beaters, stirring beaters, combo whisks, strippers, wire whisks, mixing whisks, kneading spiral, crossed beater, kneading arm as well as all-gas and electric heating systems.

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