Roll fixer

Play it safe:: REGO® Roll fixer
  • For cutting open and slicing through rolls, baguettes, hot dogs and much more
  • Continuous adjustment of height and cutting depth
  • Efficient cutting in seconds without risk of injury
  • Effortless change of location, easy to clean


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Type of machineBrötchenfix
Loaf entry width [mm]80
Loaf entry height [mm]80
Loaf entry length [mm]180
Height A [mm]130
Width B [mm]300
Depth C [mm]500
Net weight [approx. kg]5

Accessories and spare parts

Every one of our machines comes with extensive standard equipment. Aside from these products, we, of course, also carry a large selection of accessories and spare parts. E.g.: Beating whisks, graters, food mills, flat beaters, stirring beaters, combo whisks, strippers, wire whisks, mixing whisks, kneading spirals, crossed beaters, kneading arms as well as all-gas and electric heating systems.

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