REGO Vertec 30 + Continuous Bread Slicer DG 45

Bagged perfectly: Packing machine Vertec 30

  • Continuous cycles (30 loaves/min.)
  • Useful length up to a loaf length of 350 mm
  • Suitable for universal use
  • Bag straightening prior to clipping
  • Integrated bag inflation table for even faster packing (optional)
  • Wire clip closure (optional)
  • Best before date printer (optional)
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Type of machineVertec 30
Mains voltage [Volt]400/50
Compressed air [bar]4
Product dimensions
[L x B x H in mm]
140 – 350
80 – 260
70 – 150
Pulsed power1800/hour
Machine dimensions
[L x B x H in mm]
2750 x 700 x 900
Net weight [kg]550
Noise level [dB (A)]ca. 67
Drive motor [kW/min-1]1.5

Accessories and spare parts

Every one of our machines comes with extensive standard equipment. Aside from these products, we, of course, also carry a large selection of accessories and spare parts. The Vertec packing machine can be combined with the following bread slicers: Sitec 2000, Rotec 2000, Continuous Bread Slicer 45 and Band Slicer 45.

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