Versatile all around: REGO® SM 40

  • Continuous electronic speed control
  • Mechanical bowl height adjustment
  • Precise recipe preparation thanks to digital time and speed indicator as well as automatic electronic cut-out
  • Electronic switching from mixing to beating
  • Automatic, computer-controlled run-up program
  • Effortless change of location thanks to free-standing machine foot
  • Easy to clean, particularly quiet

Matching accessories:

  • 1 bowl
  • 1 SM beating whisk, 1 SM mixing whisk
  • Turning ring (for smaller bowls)
  • Time switch clock
  • Equipment set (grease gun, grease)
  • All tools made of stainless steel (rust-proof)
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Type of machineSM 40
Mains voltage [Volt]400 / 3-phase
Drive motor [kW/min-1]3.0 / 1435
Fuse [A]16
Frequency converter [kW/V]3.0 / 400
Rotational speed [min-1]50 – 650
Noise level [dB (A)]62
Bowl size [litres]20 / 32 / 40
Height A [mm]1630
Width B [mm]660
Depth C [mm]790
Dough [litres/min]0.5 / 6
Mass [litres/min]1.0 / 24
Cream [litres/min]1.0 / 15
Net weight [approx. kg]280

Accessories and spare parts

Every one of our machines comes with extensive standard equipment. Aside from these products, we, of course, also carry a large selection of accessories and spare parts. E.g.: Beating whisks, graters, food mills, flat stirrers, stirring beaters, combi whisks, scrapers, wire whisks, mixing whisks, spiral hooks, cross stirrers, kneaders as well as gas and electrical heaters.

Talk to us. We deliver directly from stock.

SM + PM Electrical heater

SM + PM Gas heater

SM Beating whisk

SM Combi whisk

SM Flat stirrer

SM Food mill grater

SM Kneader

SM Mixing whisk

SM Spiral hook

SM Stirring whisk

SM Three wire whisk