Safety married with precision: REGO® Rotec SB machine
  • Enhanced safety thanks to fully automatic hood lock during slicing
  • Easy-to-operate control panel with pre-programmed slice thickness selection
  • Fully automatic positioning and fixing of the loaf at any position in the cutting chamber
  • Visual and acoustic notification when slicing process is complete
  • Adjustable blade lubrication for exceptionally gentle oven-fresh cutting
  • Blade lubrication adjustable from 0 to 100%.
    Machine is also available for order without the oil dosing system.
  • Easily separated bread slices
  • Minimum crust damage
  • Particularly quiet cutting process
  • Integrated loaf and slice counter
  • Compact construction with a modern stainless steel look

Application video Rotec SB

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Type of machineRotec SB
Mains voltage [Volt]230/ single-phase
Drive motor [kW/min-1]1.00
Fuse [A]16
Loaf entry width [mm]230
Loaf entry height [mm]140
Loaf entry length [mm]350
Slice thickness [mm]3 – 25
Max. number of slices [per min.]145
Noise level [dB (A)]62
Height A [mm]1090
Width B [mm]827
Depth C [mm]705
Net weight[approx. kg]210

Accessories and spare parts

Easily expandable by additional Rego Herlitzius products, our slicing machines can help you make the flow of your operations even smoother. The built-in blade can be replaced safely and effortlessly should it become dull. Simply return your dull blade to us, and we will send you a sharp and fully operational blade right away.

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