Sliced product fresh from the oven: REGO® Rotec 350 / 400 / 500 / 526 (circular blade) machines
  • Adjustable blade lubrication for exceptionally gentle oven-fresh cutting
  • Frequency converter for improved blade drive run-up and braking performance
  • Exact blade positioning thanks to drive motor with integral angle sensor
  • Enhanced safety thanks to fully automatic hood lock during slicing
  • Easily separated bread slices
  • Minimum crust damage
  • Easy-to-operate control panel with slice thickness selection
  • Plain text display
  • Fold-up blade for simple and easy cleaning
  • Particularly quiet


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Type of machineRotec 350Rotec 400Rotec 500Rotec 526
Mains voltage [Volt]230/ single-phase230/ single-phase230/ single-phase230/ single-phase
Drive motor [kW/min-1]
Fuse [A]16161616
Loaf entry width [mm]230230230265
Loaf entry height [mm]140140140150
Loaf entry length [mm]350400500500
Slice thickness [mm]3 – 253 – 253 – 253 – 25
Max. number of slices [per min.]145145145145
Noise level [dB (A)]62626262
Height A [mm]1090109010901105
Width B [mm]82792711271127
Depth C [mm]705705705735
Net weight[approx. kg]210230230230

Quality on trial

Quality on trial: Naturally, we offer you the opportunity to thoroughly test our machines. We will set it up at your location and instruct you and your staff thoroughly on how to use it. If the machine fails to win you over during your trial period, we will pick up the machine and take it back for free.
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