Flawless throughput:: REGO® DG 45 – 80 (continuous bread) slicers
  • Slice thicknesses of 9, 10, 11, 12 or 13mm
  • Feed via two special belts with saw-tooth profile
  • Counter-sprung height-adjustable upper belt
  • Automatic belt feed with continuously adjustable speed
  • Capacity per hour: 300 – 1200 loaves
  • Continuously adjustable blade drive
  • Expansion to meet demand possible using optional additional devices:
    – bag inflation device
    – lubrication device
    – powered discharge belt


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Type of machineDG 45DG 55DG 65DG 80
Mains voltage [Volt]230 / single-phase230 / single-phase230 / single-phase230 / single-phase
Drive motor [kW/min-1]
Fuse [A]16161616
Loaf entry width [mm]450550650800
Loaf entry height [mm]150150150150
Belt speed [m]0.4 – 2.50.4 – 2.50.4 – 2,50.4 – 2.5
Slice thickness [mm]9 / 10 / 119 / 10 / 119 / 10 / 119 / 10 / 11
Noise level [dB (A)]62626262
Height A [mm]1300130013001300
Width B [mm]7008009001150
Depth C [mm]2000200020002000
Net weight [approx. kg]250280310350

Accessories and spare parts

Easily expandable by additional Rego Herlitzius products, our slicing machines can help you make the flow of your operations even smoother. We also supply you with an additional replacement blade for every bread slicer equipped with blades. The built-in blade can be replaced safely and effortlessly should it become dull. Simply return your dull blade to us, and we will send you a sharp and fully operational blade right away.

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