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No supermarket line:
Creative ideas in the Corona crisis.

130 loaves of bread – but what’s behind them?

Both companies are closely linked to the food industry:  Rego Herlitzius supplies machines for bread production and processing, among other things. KÖBO manufactures conveyor chains for the food industry, for example. In the biggest (economic) crisis of recent times, both companies now buy 130 loaves of bread a week from Rego Herlitzius customers (Wuppertal bakeries). The breads are distributed to the employees of both companies.

Impulse for further actions

The action runs for an indefinite period. “With this campaign, we not only want to support the customers of our subsidiary Rego Herlitzius, but also make our contribution to ensuring that our employees have to stand in line in the supermarket as little as possible,” says Hartmut Lieb, Managing Director of the KÖBO Group. The most important asset in the crisis is the health of the employees of all companies, he says. Therefore, Lieb also calls on all other medium-sized companies in the country to provide creative support and to initiate comparable campaigns.  “The situation is challenging for all of us. The best way we can do it is together. I am happy to exchange further creative ideas and suggestions directly with other medium-sized companies in the Bergisch region”, the manager offers.

Rego Herlitzius GmbH
An important company in the fight against Covid 19 in the Corona crisis

Rego Herlitzius GmbH is a production and sales company that not only produces and sells bread slicing and beating machines for bakeries, pastry shops and food retailers, but also supplies hospitals, university hospitals and old people’s homes with these machines. We are part of the KÖBO Group, a supplier for system-relevant machines.

In connection with the steadily increasing spread of the Corona Virus Sars-CoV-2 in all countries, a distinction is made between a system-relevant and a not-system-relevant infrastructure. The critical and thus system-relevant infrastructure includes companies and facilities that are significantly important for the supply of the population. This means primarily providing people with food and healthcare.

Rego Herlitzius GmbH makes a significant contribution to maintaining the food industry and health care by supplying, maintaining and repairing machines for bakeries, pastry shops, food retailers, hospitals, university hospitals and old people’s homes.

In particular, the continuous production of the machines and spare parts, the service and the maintenance of our machines make a significant contribution to ensure that the population and the hospitals are supplied with food.

We have developed this letter to indicate, that it is important that our key suppliers, customers and contractors know, that it is necessary for Rego Herlitzius GmbH to remain deliverable to fulfill our mission in the fight against Covid 19 to overcome this crisis. If you have any questions, please contact the managing director Mr. Uwe Paaß:

Thank you for your support in our common fight against Covid 19.

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Press release

New equipment details at the cream cookers

Useful functions for bakers, pastry chefs and patissiers.

New version of the Rotec 2000 with servo drive

Versatile and powerful circular cutting machine for medium size businesses.

BS 45 band slicing machine with Vertec 30

Strong combination for slicing and packaging breads.

Hygiene standards with high priority at REGO HERLITZIUS

Construction, materials and procedures.

REGO HERLITZIUS supplements ROTEC series with model 400

Circular knife cutting machine for use at bakeries and in the shop.

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