Factory refurbished machines

6-month warranty – used and factory refurbished machines by Rego Herlitzius

Offering the same superior quality and longevity as new machines, the factory refurbished machines made by Rego Herlitzius are always a worthwhile investment. Naturally, all machines have been serviced and inspected by us.

Since our stock constantly fluctuates, we ask that you contact us by phone or in writing so that we can provide you with specific information.

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Please feel free to contact: service@rego-herlitzius.de

Recently added to our marketplace

Find out more about our factory refurbished machines. Tried and tested in thousands of use cases, our planetary, beating and stirring machines offer maximum performance at a minuscule price – just like NEW! Our machines satisfy the strict guidelines established by REGO and come with a 6-month warranty.

Beating and stirring machines

Modell: Vario

Beating and stirring machines

Models: S16 – S40

Planetary, beating and kneading machines

Model: REGO – P50

Beating and stirring machines

Models: SM 2 / SM 3 / SM 4

Are you interested in one of our factory refurbished machines? For product details and warranty information, please do not hesitate to contact: service@rego-herlitzius.de