Precision any time of day

Rolls for breakfast, cake for our guests and a fancy cake to celebrate birthdays – a great many of our daily rituals depend on unabated freshness. To provide you with the tools you need to offer your customers masterly crafted quality at affordable prices, we engineer innovative machines equally well suited for classic bakeries and large baking businesses.
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You can always count on us – even if you are scrambling for help.

“Freshness is what you taste. Efficiency is what you feel.”

Machines for trade businesses

May we present: Your new co-workers. The machines we manufacture at Rego Herlitzius GmbH will take over the essential steps in your usual production flow, saving you time and operational costs. Whether you need to cook, stir, portion or cut, you can always depend on the simple handling and superior precision of our machines and their compliance with the strictest safety standards.

“Perfection. One piece at a time.“

Machines for
semi-industrial businesses

Take charge: The machines devised by Rego Herlitzius GmbH operate with greater precision, sustainability and, thus, efficiency in the realms of dough processing and bread slicing. Place your trust in the experience, know-how and continuous further development that we deliver as the market leader.