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In the beginning was muscular power
Tradition and progress these concepts are combined ideally in REGO HERLITZIUS GMBH .
From the very beginning the name REGO was closely connected with pioneering work in bakery machine technology. The first transmission-driven stirring machine was introduced as far back as 1927. The market introduction of the first double-armed beating and planetary machine followed in 1930. In the 50s and 60s, REGO revolutionized the market with new beating, stirring and planetary machines and successfully accommodated the demand of the bakery trade at the time of the German economic miracle. Modular and easy-to-maintain design, electronics and computerized control, stainless-steel design and many other features have characterized development throughout the past decades
during which REGO has offered future-oriented technology as well as high-quality workmanship to the bakery trade through to the present day. HERLITZIUS was also a well-known name among bakers at the beginning of the last century. The first slicing machines were still operated by muscular power in 1913, the year in which the company was founded, but soon transmission drives and later the electric motor facilitated bread-slicing. The slicing technology, however, was even more important than the drive system. Soon after World War II HERLITZIUS developed the edge-gate spiral-knife technology which even allowed freshly baked bread to be sliced.
The patented circular blade technology developed in 1964 represented a milestone which helped make sliced bread gain the popularity it has today. The foundation for HERLITZIUS's current importance as a global leader in the industrial bakery technology sector was laid back in the 50s with the development of the first forming machine for loaf bread. The automation of sliced-bread production in 1978 which represented an important step for the sector was subsequently patented. The patented method of infrared sterilization was introduced in 1987. The patented device for slicing oversized stacks of bread by means of grapplers was presented in 1992. Numerous innovative developments and improvements in the area of industrial machines helped the HERLITZIUS brand gain its excellent international reputation.
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